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          课程: 数学关键阶段3

          The focus of Years 7, 8 & 9 is to enable students to improve their problem solving skills through a range of tasks which promote independent learning. Students consolidate their number skills by focusing on mental and written methods of calculation, fractions, decimals and percentages. Algebra is introduced using an investigatory approach to underpin the core techniques and then advanced to more difficult concepts. 











          分析和显示 数据;计算;表达式,函数和公式;图;因素:amp; Multiples; Decimals & Measures; Angles and lines; Measuring and shapes; Fractions, decimals & percentages; 转换。


          分析和显示 数据;数技能;表达式,函数和公式;小数点 &amp; Measures; Fractions; Probability; Ratio & Proportion; Lines & Angles; Sequences & Graphs; Transformations

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          分析和显示数据;数技能; Expressions, Functions & 对于mulae; Fractions; Angles & Shapes; Decimals; Equations; Multiplicative reasoning; Perimeter, Area & Volume; Sequences & Graphs

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          数特性&amp; Calculations; Shapes & Measures in 3D; Statistics; Expressions & 方程;十进制计算;角;号性能;序列; Fractions & PercentageS;可能性。

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          Number; Area & Volume; Statistics, Graphs & Charts; Expressions & Equations; Real life graphs; Decimals & Ratio; Lines & Angles; Calculating with fractions; Straight line graphs; Percentages, Decimals & Fractions.

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          Factors & Powers; Working with Powers; 2D Shapes & 3D Solids; Real-life Graphs; Transformations; Fractions, Decimals & Percentages; Construction & Loci; Probability; Scale Drawing & Measures; Graphs.

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          数计算; Sequences & Equations; Statistics; Fractions, Decimals & Percentages; Geometry in 26 & 3D; Algebraic & Real life graphs; Multiplicative reasoning; Algebraic & Geometric 对于mulae; Probability; Polygons & 转换。

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          Indices & Standard form; Expressions & 对于mulae; Dealing with data; Multiplicative reasoning; Constructions; Equations, Inequalities & Proportionality; Circles, Pythagoras & Prisms; Sequences & Graphs; Probability; Comparing Shapes.

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          Powers & Roots; Quadratics; Inequalities, Equations & 对于mulae; Collecting & analysing data; Multiplicative Reasoning; Non-linear graphs; Accuracy & Measures; Graphical solutions; 三角;数学推理

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          对于 覆盖在每个工作的上述方案的目标的进一步细节, 请点击链接。


          先生一个盖尔 - 副组长 - 数学 

          杜升狐 - 副组长 - 数学

          先生d铸工 - 领队 - 数学 










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